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Tony Palanca

Professional Background



Management Systems development,.. Strategic Risk Management,.. Quality Assurance,.. Workplace Health & Safety,.. Environmental management systems, ..Assessment and Workplace Training, .. Human Resource Development,.. Systems and Compliance Auditing,.. Social & Ethical Auditing
Project Experience
  • The Painting People (Management System development)
  • GeoSentinel (Integrated Management System development and Auditing)
  • Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park (OHSMS development, OHS training, Engineering project support)
  • Busy Bookkeeping (OHS System Development, OHS Training)
  • Charlotte Pass Village (Environmental Management System development)
  • Macro Wholefoods (OHSMS development)
  • Locks Hair Services (WHSMS development, HR development, Training)
  • Solomon Islands Credit Union League (IT systems compliance and management system auditing)
  • Intech Credit Union (Executive Recruitment, HR development)
  • Bankstown City Credit Union (Executive Recruitment, OHS development)
Alexander Bailey
Specialist in Quality Assurance, Workplace Health & Safety, Environmental Management

Telephone +61 2 8577 5055
Mobile +61 0428 239 294
Facsimile +61 2 8577 5056

The Chambers 30 Floss Street Hurlstone Park NSW Australia

PO Box H211, Hurlstone Park NSW Australia 2193

Professional Qualifications
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Hon)
  • Disaster Administration Certificate
  • Cert. IV in workplace assessment and training
  • Accredited Safety Auditor
  • Accredited Environmental Auditor
  • AFAIM (Associate Fellow, Aust. Institute of Management)
  • ASTC ( Associate of Sydney Technical College)
  • MIEAust ( Member, Institute of Engineers Australia)
  • MAIES ( Member Aust. Institute of Emergency Services)

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