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Executive Recruitment Service

At Consultgroup one of the many services offered is Executive Recruitment. The experienced team offers a comprehensive recruitment service that can represent substantial savings over normal recruitment agencies.

The executive recruitment service is based on:

Executive recruitment. Fixed low cost fee service, typically 40% - 60% saving compared to most recruitment agencies.
Executive recruitment. Consultancy support may be comprehensive or only for specific recruitment support.
Executive recruitment. Experienced team with between 5 and 15 years recruitment experience.
Executive recruitment. Executive Search Management (local and international) by our experienced associates at Nors Partners.

The features of our approach to executive and specialist recruitment include:

Executive recruitment. Prepare a draft role description and supporting advertisement. Identify recruitment criteria based on: (a) required attributes, (b) experience and skills, (c) knowledge.
Executive recruitment. Prepare a recruitment strategy based on industry and mass media advertising (print & web) and executive search arrangements.
Executive recruitment. Set an agreed budget with client.
Executive recruitment. Commence advertising and/or search activity
Executive recruitment. Prepare a preliminary company and role information package and distribute to interested candidates
Executive recruitment. Receive applications and related enquiries - maintain applicant register
Executive recruitment. Undertake screening interviews and/or preliminary meetings as required
Executive recruitment. Prepare and distribute a detailed information package to qualifying candidates
Executive recruitment. Provide (email) ongoing/daily progress reports that can be used by the board executive to keep the other board members & management informed of progress.
Executive recruitment. Prepare written summary reports on suitable candidates
Executive recruitment. Provide a short list for selection interview and arrange interviews for agreed candidates.
Executive recruitment. Prepare draft interview questions and brief board executive/Executive Management in interview techniques as required
Executive recruitment. Conduct thorough reference checks (3-4) on final candidate(s) and prepare written reports
Executive recruitment. Conduct Attribute Profile Testing if required
Executive recruitment. Provide all applicants with written acknowledgment and keep them informed of their progress in a timely manner
Executive recruitment. Assist with appointment arrangements, including letter of offer and draft employment contract

Full recruitment assignments typically range from $4,000 -$9,000.

The fees applicable for the provision of the recruitment services are as follows.

Executive recruitment. $45 per hour for office and administration related recruitment activities
Executive recruitment. $115 per hour for Larkin & Kaye office based consultant services and activity
Executive recruitment. $150 per hour for interviewing and client meetings
Executive recruitment. $220 per hour for search activity, excluding interviews

Consultgroup has recuited for the following industry sectors:

Executive recruitment. Finance & Credit Union
Executive recruitment. State Government Departments and Government Authority
Executive recruitment. Private Hospital
Executive recruitment. Welfare Services
Executive recruitment. Information Technology

The range of recruitment activity undertaken includes:

Executive recruitment. CEO's and General Managers
Executive recruitment. Financial Controllers and Management Accountants
Executive recruitment. Marketing Managers
Executive recruitment. Human Resource Managers
Executive recruitment. Operations and Administration Managers
Executive recruitment. Medical Specialists


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