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Human Resources Management Principles

When staff under perform - look at their manager

"An employee is not responsible for causing ongoing performance problems"

  • An employee does not select themselves for their jobs - their manager does
  • An employee does not write or approve their job description - their manager does
  • An employee does not do their own objective performance and feedback review - their manager does
  • An employee does not approve themselves to allow external factors to interfere with their or others work - their manager does
  • An employee does not select their peers and match staff composition to ensure the right skills and attributes - their manager does
  • An employee does not determine the policies and procedures that they work to - their manager does
  • An employee does not provide themselves with the equipment, resources or products that they are required to work with - their manager does
  • An employee does recognise all the above and does know who is really responsible for their ongoing under-performance or the under performance of other staff - their manager does not know it is them, that he/she is the cause

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