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Organisation Management Consultants

Consultgroup harnesses the talents of many consultants specialising in diverse areas of organisational management - human resource management, business planning, occupational health & safety, environment, public relations, corporate governance, leadership, training, recruitment and ethics.

Careers in Organisation Management

In each of the categories below the consultants are arranged in surname alphabetical order

Principal Consultant

Director/Principal Consultant - Peter Kaye AM:
Specialist in Strategic Planning , Corporate Governance and Recruitment

Senior Consultants

Alexander Bailey:
Specialist in Quality Assurance, Work Health & Safety training and auditing, Environmental Management, Social & Ethical Auditing and Recruitment

Dave Boulter:
Specialist in Information Technology, Services Sales & Marketing, Operational improvement, Strategic Planning , Change Management

Dolores Cummins:
Specialist in Leadership Development, Executive Recruitment , Conflict Resolution & Negotiations, Corporate Anthropology, Executive Coaching &l Mentoring

Sue Webster:
Specialist in Business Analysis, Change Management, Facilitation and Human Relations.

Associate Consultants

Greg Bowden
Specialist in Project Management and Procurement

Garry Chamberlain:
Specialist in Injury Management, Return to Work and WHS Training

Leliana Firisua (Solomons)
Specialist in Small business management, Microfinance

Paul Gor:
Specialist in Office hardware, software, network installation and support, web development

Fay Gennari:
Specialist in Phone-N-Check

Tony Palanca:
Specialist in Strategic Planning . Supply chain establishment out of China . Logistics and risk management. Sales and marketing management.

Dr Malcolm Freeman

Specialist in Risk Management, Internal Audit, Accounting & Finance, Change Management, Strategic Planning & Review

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