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Providing your staff with regular, relevant and timely feedback is one of the most effective means of positively influencing their performance.

Consultgroup has been providing clients with reliable and cost effective service feedback using 'Phone-N-Check' telephone mystery shopping and walk in mystery shoppers.

Increasing use of Internet and electronic communication has created demand for a new service specifically designed to monitor and provide service standards feedback for email communication.

e-Check enables you to quickly gain feedback to as the effectiveness and consistency of your Internet communication with customers, suppliers and other clients.

Product Benefits

The Business personality indicator e-Check monitors specific service standards already set by your organisation
The Business personality indicator e-Check assists you to prepare an internet service standards policy
The Business personality indicator e-Check complements staff training strategies
The Business personality indicator e-Check is very useful to prepare for a product launch or campaign to ensure enquiry response and management is effective
The Business personality indicator e-Check complements the popular 'Phone-N-Check' (telephone mystery shopping) product we also provide

Product Features

The Business personality indicator emails are sent to your company using your web site or using your email address
The Business personality indicator a minimum sample is 10 emails
The Business personality indicator analysis is undertaken using standard criteria as well as client specific criteria, eg. subject matter
The Business personality indicator minimum analysis includes: timing of responses, information match, presentation of information (clarity, detail, user friendly, tone), handling non-electronic information requests, follow up contact
The Business personality indicator the e-Check contacts are undertaken typically over a 10 day- 24 hour day period, with the client able to determine the spread


The Business personality indicator the first 10 contacts are $295, including GST
The Business personality indicator additional e-Check contacts are undertaken in lots of 5 for $65 including GST

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