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Social & Ethical Review

A Social and Ethical Review is designed to identify the current status of your organisation's social and ethical activities. Many organisations voluntarily decide to impose a range of social and/or ethical behaviours upon themselves.

These may be as simple as environmental practices (eg. recycling) or more multi faceted such as a family friendly employer policy.

The review was developed by the Australian Social and Ethical Accountability Centre (ASEAC) and uses the Social & Ethical Accountability Model (SEAM) to identify the extent that intended or informal social and ethical behaviours are practiced.

SEAM covers relationships and behaviours in four quadrants:

employee ethics Employee employee ethics Consumer employee ethics Owner employee ethics Supplier

The Social & Ethical Review is conducted by a social audit facilitator in three stages.

Stage One - Information Gathering

employee ethics Off Site: A review is undertaken of internal and external documents:

  • Company/Organisation Annual Reports
  • Company Client/Promotional Information
  • Board/Management/Staff reports

employee ethics On Site: A review is undertaken of internal and external documents:

Management, staff, directors, key stakeholders are interviewed* to identify understanding and perceptions of what may be considered social and ethical practices by their organisation.
* A structured interview, using a standard audit form

Stage Two - Report Preparation

employee ethics A report is prepared for the client. This covers:

  • Identification of social & ethical standards being pursued by the organisation
  • Practices observed, verified and claimed
  • Identification of potential improvement

Stage Three - Client Feedback

employee ethics Discussions with the client to address the issues:

  • The outcomes are discussed with the client
  • Action program towards full social auditing and disclosure is identified

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